Out in the countrsyside there is beauty, space, interest and gorgeous natural light to give unique results at any time of year.
​We never shoot in rain, in the event of a rainy day we will move your session to a new date as soon as possible.​

These sessions are roughly 1-2 hours long, although there are no strict limits and you will not be charged any additional fee for longer sessions.

Sessions always take place in the few hours approaching sunset when the light is soft and there are no harsh shadows, the sun is low in the sky which makes the surroundings look rich, golden and vibrant.​​ The time of your session will therefore depend on the time of year.

Locations are discussed during booking and are around the Hurst Green area and surrounding villages;
​The ideal location will depend on the time of year. Autumn, Winter, Early Spring and Bluebells sessions take place in local woodland.
Late Spring and Summer sessions take place out in the local open countryside - the exact location for these is usually decided close to your session date, so that I can have a look around and see what's happening with the landscapes nearer the time.